Team RTS: Champs With Stamps MEMBERSHIP

A place for passionate standy lovers to access quality resources, share experiences, feel supported & celebrate the 'little wins' along the retraining journey!

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Introducing the Team RTS: Champs with Stamps Membership

Nic explains how this new program will help standardbred riders to connect and learn together.

As though you can be surrounded by many wonderful horse friends, but nobody really understands the struggles you face.

Owning a standardbred is such a unique experience. There are many positives to partnering with a breed of horse celebrated for a sensible demeanour, willingness to please, intelligence, versatility and loyalty.

But, along with all the awesome qualities, is the challenge of retraining half a tonne of animal - with a mind of its own - to learn a whole new job; one which requires nearly the exact opposite muscles, ‘rules‘, gear and execution to the only other role they’ve ever known, since birth.

Even experienced horsefolk can find guiding a green standardbred through the early stages of ridden training to be immensely taxing.

The pressure of the education side of things (all those new aids can be mighty tricky to teach), teamed with trying to make the process as positive and stress-free for the horse and also feeling like you want to do justice to the breed and show those naysayers just how awesome standies truly are, can be a heavy burden to carry.

More so when you're doing it alone!

That there’s an entire community of standy lovers, all sharing stories, troubleshooting problems, celebrating each other’s successes (no matter how small) and learning together?

Well, there is! And this community is set to grow even bigger, more supportive and next-level awesome come June 1st, when we officially join all of our little standy fan sub-groups together to become one unified TEAM.

The Team RTS: Champs with Stamps Membership program welcomes riders of all experience levels, aspiring across a broad range of riding disciplines, pursuits and interests, to connect with one another in a private online learning space.

As a Champs with Stamps member, you will receive a wealth of resources and personalised support, for a small monthly fee.


As outlined above, Team RTS will swing into the saddle and start an exciting new retraining chapter together on June the 1st!As a founding Champs with Stamps member who enrols when the gates first open, you'll be acknowledged and thanked for your support and enthusiasm with a $10-off every month coupon. To join the herd and register for this special offer, please CLICK HERE